Founded by Hip Hop Artist, Educator and Humanitarian
Chad Harper
Official Partner and Head of Marketing
Jeff Boyd


Hip Hop artists give back to their communities by writing rhymes about mass incarceration for the BB_FLY clothing line.



T-shirts, Sweats, Dress Shirts, Jackets etc.

Each piece features a rhyme written by a Hip Hop Artist, sharing their thoughts and experiences with mass incarceration.

Music Artists

Apparel sold will support inner-city youth and urban surrounding areas where the artist is from.


Our Work

20% of profits benefit regular trips for children to

see their incarcerated parent. Our goal is to sponsor monthly visits for each child. For the parents we aim

to provide parenting classes that teach a wide range

of skills.



Repairing parent / child relationships from mass incarceration will enable a child to have a well

rounded understanding of who they are, forward thinking to their future and how to nurture a family

of their own.